Corporate History for Lobstick River Resort

The original development of the Lobstick Resort took place between 1975 and 1977. The roads and 109 Lots were surveyed, the roads and lot entrances were built and each Lot was given as separate title. The balance of the six quarter sections became the Common Land (approximately 784 acres).

In late 1986 A couple of lot owners found out that the common land had recently been offered for taxes. Inquiries were made and fortunately none of the common lands were sold.

In 1987, using a copy of the tax roll, a meeting was organized with as many of the lot owners as could be contacted.  A plan of action was decided for the future of the resort. It was decided that an association of lot owners should be formed and this was done under the Alberta Societies Act.  Later in 1987, title for the common land was turned over to the Board of Directors of Lobstick Lot Owners Association. In the  spring of 1988, the first Annual General Meeting of the lot owners occurred. 

During the winter of 1990/91 with advice from a lawyer, it was suggested that a Not For Profit company under Part Nine of the Companies Act be formed. This paved the way for Lobstick River Resort Limited (LRRL) to be Registered. 

In 1992 Memorandum and Articles for LRRL were approved.  The  MAJOR FOCUS OF Lobstick River Resort Limited is to MANAGE THE LANDS on behalf of the SHAREHOLDERS.

Lobstick River Resort:

  • management and work are done on a volunteer basis by boards and committees elected by the shareholders of the Company
  • gives a Lot owner a vote and say in the management of the common lands
  • The Share allows privileges to use the common lands for recreational purposes which may include but not limited to hiking, cross-country skiing, hunting, grazing of horses, snowmobiling, quading etc.
  • A Share increases the market value of a Shareholders lot
  • the main purpose of the common land is for recreational purposes, the Shareholders from time to time grant some conditional land use agreements for grazing and crops to obtain revenue that off-sets the operating expenses.
  • At the 1995 Annual General Meeting the Board reported that it had documents signed and registered for 53 lots. There are 109 titles lots in Lobstick Resort.
  • According to the Articles of Association, new lot owners will be offered a one-time opportunity to become a Shareholder.  If they decline all privileges for the common land are denied.  If the opportunity is accepted the lot owner, becomes a Shareholder that can enjoy the privileges of the company.

–  January 2020, there are 109 lots of which 91 holding shares by 53 Shareholders.